CNC Programming

Course Description:          This course is designed to cover the fundamentals of CNC setup, machine programming, and operation techniques. Hands on training will emphasize writing basic CNC programs for the Milling and turning, setting and adjusting tool offsets, machine set up, and writing and troubleshooting CNC applications.   Computer simulation will provide hands-on application.

Course length:  24 hours

Course Objective:  Upon completion of this course, the participant will be able to:

  • Understand Computer Numerical Control fundamentals
  • Define the Cartesian Coordinate System
  • Understand the coordinate system for milling and turning
  • Understand absolute and incremental
  • Access and utilize manual applications on the specified CNC controllers
  • Access and utilize MDI function
  • Perform manual functions such as home reference, access spindle, feed,  tool offsets and tool changes
  • Perform manual incremental and continuous jog functions
  • Understand a CNC program utilizing G-code format
  • Understand canned cycles, subroutines, and looping application.
  • Understand operator responsibilities performed during a CNC production run.

 Course Content:

  • Pretest
  • Overview of CNC Fundamentals
  • Cartesian Coordinate System (Absolute and Incremental)
  • 3 axis coordinate system
  • 2 axis coordinate system
  • Establishing origins for milling and turning
  • CNC Controller menus
  • Accessing CNC screens
  • Accessing specific CNC functions  (manual, MDI)
  • Feed and spindle overrides
  • Tooling retrieval and replacement
  • Basic tool feed and speed factors
  • Setup procedures
  • Setting up a CNC Mill
  • Establishing origins and entering offsets
  • Setting up a CNC Lathe
  • Establishing origins and entering offsets
  • Tool offsets function
  • Offset operation during production run
  • Part print analysis
  • G-code programming functions (milling/turning)
  • Linear and circular interpolation
  • Canned Cycles
  • Sub-routines and Looping
  • Hands-on exercises  (milling and turning)
  • Post test