Advanced Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T Training)

Introduction to GD&T per ASME Y14.5-2009

8 hours


Upon completion of this course, participants will be able:

  • Calculate minimum and maximum wall thicknesses, air spaces and interferences for assemblies.
  • Create loop analysis/circuit diagrams for tolerance stack-up analysis for both plus and minus tolerance dimensions and geometric tolerances.
  • Create both simple and complex number charts for stack-up analysis using a variety of geometric tolerances, basic dimensions, resultant conditions, virtual conditions and plus and minus tolerance dimensions.
  • Apply tolerance stack-up analysis for floating fastener situations for clearance holes, screws and shafts.
  • Apply tolerance stack-up analysis for fixed fastener situations using, screws, clearance holes, slots, tabs, overall dimensions and projected tolerance zones for threaded holes.
  • Calculate minimum and maximum gaps for assemblies that use a variety of datum structures.
  • Apply a system of logic and mathematics to analyze tolerances

Applications in Stack-up Analysis

  1. Fastener application ( fixed and floating)
  2. Virtual condition (resulting condition)
  3. Vector (tolerance)
  4. Tolerance Stack-up analysis
  5. Shaft/bearing alignment calculations
  6. Assembly application
  7. Composite tolerance
  8. Shift and tilt considerations

$2,400 plus $40/person for textbook (If required-trainer travel, lodging and meals not included)

Client facility


Flexible; minimum of 4-hour training blocks