We approach our responsibility as a business intermediary with sensitivity, flexibility and agility.

The PEN Group, LLC offers a comprehensive and extremely personal approach to selling sell your business at the right time and at the right price. The client’s specific objectives are the guiding principles of the process with no exceptions.

Unlike traditional business brokers, The PEN Group, LLC., is a business intermediary firm specializing in both the preparation and marketing for sale of privately held companies.

Sometimes, divesting your company is the right decision. However, there may be other alternatives to explore that may be more beneficial to the well-being of the owner and the owner’s family.

It is not uncommon for our clients to become reenergized with their business and postpone the M&A process. Selling your business is not always the answer and timing the market may require patience.

The proper due diligence, valuation, and market timing are critical to a successful engagement. Our team offers the strategic business assessment, quality process analysis, management structuring and sales enhancement training programs to prepare and package your business to maximize returns and compress the M&A cycle.

The most important elements to consider when selling your company:
  • A complete understanding of your goals and objectives
  • Conducting an in-depth due diligence and valuation analysis
  • Creating an effective sales campaign while maximizing the company’s value
  • Getting the sale completed as quickly as practical

As companies grow and plateau, acquiring a new business can be the catalyst to future growth.

The most important elements to consider when buying a company:
  • A complete understanding of your future goals and aspirations
  • Identify the best potential companies that meet your goals
  • Conduct a comprehensive business valuation and due diligence process
  • Create an offer that is realistic and collaborative
  • Utilize a principled negotiation strategy to reach agreement


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