Project Management

Course:          Project Management


Course Length:        16 hours

Course Outline:

I.          Introduction

  •  An introduction to project management
  • What is project management?
  • What are the biggest project management challenges?
  • What are the biggest project management complaints?

II.         Defining the roles and responsibilities of a new project manager

  •  Leadership skills of the project manager
  • Management skills of the project manager
  • Communications skills of the project manager
  • Project manager’s marketing role
  • Project manager’s technical role
  • Project manager’s business role
  • Conflict resolution

 III.        Work planning and the project team  

  • What is a project work plan?
  • What is involved in the work planning process?
  • Planning is a process
  • Defining the Tasks
  • Estimating Task Time Requirement
  • What forces influence good planning?
  • A classroom project exercise

 IV.       Scheduling and the project team

  • Each project has constraints that create scheduling roadblocks
  • What are the benefits of good project scheduling?
  • Understanding the different scheduling methods
  • How to manage the scheduling process
  • How to overcome schedule problems
  • A classroom scheduling exercise

V.      Budgeting and the project team

  •  Why do we need a budget?
  • Budgeting is a project team effort
  • What goes into a project budget?
  • Research similar projects to establish a budget
  • Understanding the different budgeting methods
  • How to overcome budget problems
  • A classroom project exercise

 VI.       Project management execution

  •  How does a project manager properly execute the work plan?
  • Project administration and a good communications plan
  • Calibration-based information method
  • Client management
  • Financial management
  • How does managing a small project differ from a large one?