Control Existing and Emerging Technology

Seizing command and optimizing the technology you now deploy is critical to the ability to compete and survive. By organizing your business around the power of emerging technology you can redefine your business model and create processes that exploit the capabilities afforded by these new technological paradigms.
Emerging technologies will enable new and redefine old business acumen at an unprecedented pace. Technology management can link business and technology strategies accelerating the product research and development for commercial purposes.

Product Development and Research

The PEN Group, LLC has extensive experience helping clients manage the product development life-cycle from concept to launch. Our results-oriented development process will establish metrics and timetables to ensure your products come to market on time and ready for distribution. We often compliment our client’s limited product development resources providing professional guidance and peace-of-mind.

Federal Procurement

Providing products and services to federal government agencies and departments can be challenging but extremely profitable. Our team of Federal Procurement experts will help you:
• Determine if the government is a viable market for your company
• Conduct a market assessment to identify and quantify size and scope of the market
• Create a plan to reinvent your company to optimize government procurement
• Develop and execute a government procurement process
• Establish and register a website to support the government marketing process
• Assess your capabilities and match them against government opportunities
• Reinforce in-house resources ensuring that our efforts are always complementary
• Develop strategic brand, marketing and business development plans
• Write effective business proposals and responses to RFP’s
• Acquire contract management, including assistance in managing performance-based acquisitions
• Manage the post-award schedule marketing and assistance with GSA Schedule Option extensions

Brand Positioning and Enhancement

Your brand is the essence of who you are and what you stand for. It is a best practice to periodically evaluate the scope and reach of your brand to determine its relevance is a changing global marketplace.
The PEN Group, LLC. utilizes a small team of highly experienced marketing communication experts including Fortune 500 Chief Marketing officers to evaluate the impact and influence your brand has on the marketplace in which you compete. The team will make strategic recommendations that will reinforce the positioning of your brand to improve the potential for sale or expansion.
At your request, we can supply the following business development assets:
Branding, naming and logo design
Website analysis, writing, graphic design, and development
Digital collateral creation and E-marketing
TV, radio
Video/Film production and editing
Social media consulting and implementation


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