Supervisory Skills

Course Length   8 hrs

Course Objective:  Upon completion of this course the participant will:

  • Understand their role as a supervisor
  • Understand skills needed for effective communication
  • Understand method of team motivation

Topics Covered

The Role of the Supervisor:

  • The move from Team member to Supervisor
  • My role in ensuring my Team achieves Team goals
  • Ensuring the Team continuously improves
  • Managing the whole role – time management & effective goal setting
  • Leadership ‘Presence’ – looking like the Leader
  • The Influence of Supervisor Behavior – on the Team, on each Team Member
  • The focus of the effective Supervisor

Communicating Effectively

  • Positive, motivating Supervisor language & behaviors
  • Assertive Leader Behavior vs. Aggressive, Submissive or Passive Aggressive
  • Listening & building mutual respect with others
  • Body Language
  • Directive Behavior – Setting out expectations using positive language
  • Coaching Behavior – prompting questions to encourage behavior
  • The power of feedback, positive encouraging, corrective feedback
  • Tools to give feedback
  • Planning my behavior to achieve the right outcome – useful planning tool
  • Inspiring the Team to achieve their goals – role-play of motivating Team Talk

Motivating the Team & Team Members

  • Using Goals & Metrics to motivate – rather than de-motivating
  • Setting Team Goals – planning improvement steps
  • Using small Recognition rewards – to reinforce positive behavior & increasequantity & quality of performance
  • Using motivating behaviors & tools effectively

Working with each Team Member

  •  Bonding with each Team Member – winning respect & buy-in
  •  What is my ‘ideal’ Team Member – what am I building?
  •  Setting improvement goals
  •  Working one-to-one – planning & role-playing one-to-one discussions
  •  Handling difficult situations & challenging people

Planning to Improve

  •  Basic Principles of Time Management
  •  How to prioritize – the urgent vs. important; prioritizing time & effort to achieve the right result
  •  Achieving short term results & continuously improving
  •  The Effective Team Leader – Planning by the week, doing by the day
  •  Building the Habits of the Effective Leader